Blast you, synopsis! I love you, book!

Writing a synopsis is a pain. It’s hard to condense your story down to 2-3 pages. But, its also pretty fun, I have had to really focus on the main characters story line and it’s like meeting her for the first time, all over again. Certain parts of the book are so important, and I’ve gone to each chapter in the manuscript to make sure I have my details right.

I’m reminded of how much I love this story. The way the main character matures. How she deals with her family, and most of all, with Echo make me honestly proud of myself. I was reading a piece yesterday and I teared up, it made me feel and it was almost as if I hadn’t written it. I am so excited about this book. I am excited to perfect my query, and fine tune my synopsis so I can find an agent to represent it. Because I want to share it with everyone. ❤

But, I am slow, it’s a very slow process for me. I’ve been really sick and even though I am starting to feel better, I still feel like I am way behind. I’m focusing on the journey, taking it one day at a time. It’s good for me, I am such a “do it all now” sort of person and it is hard to have to take things slowly. Learning as I go, about myself, about my book, about the process…this is awesome and I couldn’t be happier.


Rites of passage…

I think getting my very first rejection letter counts as a rite of passage. I feel official now. Although I love the fact that we can email queries and such these days and don’t have to deal with snail mail. It is a bit of a bummer just having an email response, I mean, how am I supposed to frame my beautiful first rejection letter? I kid…I’m not going to frame it. Although…I am kind of tempted to print it out. But I think just putting it in a special rejections folder in my email will probably work best. I don’t really want to have visible proof of my future rejections. LOL It will be ok if I get tons of rejections…I only need one yes. 😉

The only disappointment is that it was a simple form rejection. It was awfully nice though. The part that stood out to me was this, ” the query didn’t appeal to me quite enough to inspire me to offer further consideration for your project”.

BALLS! Ok, this gives me good info for my next queries. Number one is that my query DID NOT do it’s job. That is ok, I won’t be too hard on it, it’s just a first query and it will get better. So, first things first, re-do the query so it will appeal to someone enough.

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Writing a Synopsis

Or trying to condense a manuscript into 1000 words. This is actually easier than trying to write a query. keep in mind that so far all I have done is  word vomit onto a page. I think I’ll be able to keep the initial synopsis at 1000 words. It’s going to be after that, when I have to mold them into a cohesive, informative document that I may change my mind. It is an interesting exercise. I am researching a lot, reading up on what makes a good synopsis. What to do, and what not to do. When I have this finished I will have my query materials ready…query letter, done. Synopsis at aforementioned word vomit stage. First chapters ready to go. Different agents request different things, some just want a letter, some just a synopsis, some both plus chapters. I am keeping track of who wants what on my handy dandy spreadsheet. 😀Image