Writing a Synopsis

Or trying to condense a manuscript into 1000 words. This is actually easier than trying to write a query. keep in mind that so far all I have done is  word vomit onto a page. I think I’ll be able to keep the initial synopsis at 1000 words. It’s going to be after that, when I have to mold them into a cohesive, informative document that I may change my mind. It is an interesting exercise. I am researching a lot, reading up on what makes a good synopsis. What to do, and what not to do. When I have this finished I will have my query materials ready…query letter, done. Synopsis at aforementioned word vomit stage. First chapters ready to go. Different agents request different things, some just want a letter, some just a synopsis, some both plus chapters. I am keeping track of who wants what on my handy dandy spreadsheet. 😀Image


One thought on “Writing a Synopsis”

  1. The thought makes me cringe a little. Just a little. I’m planning on self-pubbing but I suppose it’d be a good exercise to do a synopsis. Best of luck!

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