Who am I, anyway?

I’ve managed to whittle my synopsis down to about 1200 words. That means I’ve cut roughly 1100 words off of the first draft. I no longer consider it a terrible, horrible no good very bad synopsis. Now I can look at it and see potential! This is a pretty exciting step forward in the process. I’m letting it percolate for a while before I go back and start trying to fine tune it. In the meantime I thought I would share a bit more about myself with you. I’ll be adding it to an “about” section of the blog, as soon as I figure out how. 😉

So, here I am. I’ve always wanted to write a book. But I’ve never been a very prolific writer. I love journals, but hate journaling. I have a dozen or so beautiful journals, some are gifts, some I’ve bought for myself…all of them empty. Or, with a few lonely pages written on with total commitment (at the time) and lofty goals of actually filling a whole journal. Yeah, that just doesn’t happen.

I tend to keep my words inside my head. Not to say I’m a particularly quiet person. Because, I’m not. I could be described as loud, and I can be. 🙂 I’m vocal and outgoing and I am not afraid of that. I’m also intensely private and very, very, good at talking without saying much about myself. I’m also painfully honest too, so if you ask me a question, you best be ready for a real answer. Although, I’ve gotten much better at using tact (a previously foreign concept) when discussing things with people. Believe me, that did not come naturally and I am proud of having figured it out. Mostly figured it out.

So I have wondered about what to put in my “about” section. Currently it would not be very interesting! I am a married, middle aged woman with one child in highschool. I love animals and we have cats, dogs, fish and soon we’re adding a snake to our menagerie. I live in a beautiful city close to Seattle Washington and would not live anywhere else. I’ve always been very active, I love sports and being outdoors.

But I got hurt about 9 years ago. I was no longer active. I couldn’t play sports. I had to stop working and it was all very sad and depressing. We won’t go much into that but I have health challenges, terrible spine issues, ME,  fibromyalgia and sjogrens disease. (if you’d like to know more, feel free to ask) Because I no longer worked and I was very ill,  it changed everything.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. Heck, I barely knew who I was anymore! So, I had to figure it out, it took a long time. My health became my full time job and I am so thankful for my supportive husband and daughter. It took a long time, in all seriousness, it took years to get to a point where I could focus on things outside my health and immediate family.

So I needed something to do. Something worthwhile, something to help me feel like I could still set goals and accomplish things. My Husband and daughter encouraged me to write. At first I scoffed. My brain had the dumb! I am not even kidding, it still does. I have a terrible time these days because cognitive issues are very common with what I deal with. Some days I can’t write at all, and sometimes I have to stop in the middle of what I am doing and wait til another day.

But I became intrigued by the possibility of writing a book. I certainly had enough time to do it. Which is a good thing because it took me forever to write my first draft.

That is enough for today. 🙂 This post got very long and I hope that someone will read it. LOL I will continue it in my next post.

She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans



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Lena and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad synopsis.

Ok. Well.

The first draft of my terrible, horrible, no good very bad synopsis is finished! As bad as it is, this is cause for a cerebration. 😀 It’s taken me foooorevveeeeer to complete the first draft because it’s stinking hard as heck to condense a 94,000 word novel into a 1500 word synopsis. Which, by the way I haven’t even done yet. The first draft clocks in at 2, 154 words.

Great. All of my stellar research ie googling has learned me that a successful synopsis should be 1500-1600 words. Thanks google.

So, I need to trim approximately 500ish words from this monstrosity of a synopsis.  Also, it’s pretty bad. I affectionately refer to the first draft of my manuscript as my brain vomit. It’s pretty bad in places, stream of consciousness writing, typos galore and enough grammar mistakes that it’s a little embarrassing. But over, all…it’s not terrible, it’s certainly not horrible and I would never call it no good or very bad.

Not like the drivel that is my synopsis.

beeker-what-is-this-i-dont-even (1)

This is going to take a lot of work to make it presentable. So, I guess I will stop complaining about it, and start fixing it.

But first back to google for more learning on how to turn dross to gold!

Oh synopsis, you picky thing….

Ok, I have been working on it a bit. I finished a first edit of Chronic Reality and have set it aside to wait it’s turn. Now, I am back to focusing on Secret Colony. I have to say, I am not enjoying the synopsis process. 😦 Have I mentioned? lol It’s really good for me though, I think. I’ve had to completely focus on the main protagonists storyline and it reminds me how much I like her. It’s good for me because I am not the best at focus and discipline as I am writing. It’s making me work on that, and hopefully I will get better at it over time.

My goal for the upcoming week is to finish, at the very least, the first draft of the synopsis. after that I will work to fine tune it and make it the best and prettiest synopsis it can be, so I can send queries to all the agents that require a synopsis along with a query letter. 😀

I am feeling really motivated! Now lets see if I follow through. focus

Confession time…

I haven’t worked a lick on my synopsis in over a week. 😀 My attention has been on my NaNo project, “Chronic Reality” and I have been editing it for the last week and having a good time. lol I guess I needed to do something I really enjoy, before finishing the synopsis because I definitely don’t enjoy that!

I have a lot of hope that Chronic Reality will be sellable, it’s totally different from anything I’ve written before. I’ve always done fantasy, or poetry, maybe even a little suspense. But this project is creative non fiction and it’s very personal.


But I have to get back to the synopsis for The Secret Colony. I can’t send out any more queries until I do so back to work I go!