Lena and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad synopsis.

Ok. Well.

The first draft of my terrible, horrible, no good very bad synopsis is finished! As bad as it is, this is cause for a cerebration. 😀 It’s taken me foooorevveeeeer to complete the first draft because it’s stinking hard as heck to condense a 94,000 word novel into a 1500 word synopsis. Which, by the way I haven’t even done yet. The first draft clocks in at 2, 154 words.

Great. All of my stellar research ie googling has learned me that a successful synopsis should be 1500-1600 words. Thanks google.

So, I need to trim approximately 500ish words from this monstrosity of a synopsis.  Also, it’s pretty bad. I affectionately refer to the first draft of my manuscript as my brain vomit. It’s pretty bad in places, stream of consciousness writing, typos galore and enough grammar mistakes that it’s a little embarrassing. But over, all…it’s not terrible, it’s certainly not horrible and I would never call it no good or very bad.

Not like the drivel that is my synopsis.

beeker-what-is-this-i-dont-even (1)

This is going to take a lot of work to make it presentable. So, I guess I will stop complaining about it, and start fixing it.

But first back to google for more learning on how to turn dross to gold!


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