Well then. Stupid, tyrannical synopsis.

My nemesis, that thing that has baffled me for months now, is almost finished. I researched my little heart out and I have read approximately 5 gazillion successful synopsi. Synopsi? Either that’s the plural of synopsis or I just made it up. whichever, I like it.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. I squeezed every last bit of extra out of it, then I had to reinsert some because I left it dry and practically unreadable. It has some emotion to it now. I’ll probably tweek it a bit here and there before I pronounce it ready.

I’ve tried having people read and critique the synopsis. But I have realized that is a fairly impossible expectation. How can they now if it has all the relevant info, and nothing superfluous if they haven’t read the book? So, I am going to have to go with my gut on this one and aim for the fences. I don’t know how many swings I’m going to have to take before I get a hit. But that is ok. I’m patient. Next on my list is spiffing up the first 10 chapters. That won’t take long though. With any luck, (ahem, discipline) I should have my first round of queries to send out by the end of the month!

I have a list of agents,

Some need query+synopsis

Others need query+synopsis+first 3-10 chapters.

I am excited to really start querying!

On a different note, I had two more injections in my spine today, these are regular maintenance for my back. I am proud that I am being responsible about this and getting them done in a timely manner. Instead of putting it off so long that I have to get even more. I had two done, two weeks ago, and now these today. With any luck I’ll be good to go and my back will be manageable, or dare I hope….comfortable? At least for a while. 😀 I am playing softball again this summer, so my back has to at least be manageable and up for some running. I played last summer, for the first time in years, and sucked pretty badly because I was so sick. I feel a lot better this year and I am starting PT soon so hopefully…just hopefully there will be less suckage.

So heres to successful querying and a fun softball season!





Wise words…not mine, but still very wise.

Chuck Wendig kicks some myths about writing to the curb, and beyond. A really great read!



Who am I, anyway? Continued…

It’s taken me longer than I thought it would to finish this post. But that is ok, to be honest it is very typical for how I work these days. Lots of times I simply do not feel well enough to get a lot of things done in a timely manner. So we left off with when I first started seriously thinking about writing a novel.

I’d had an idea in my head, for approximately forever, of the story I wanted to write. But, I literally had no idea of how to write a book. So, being me, I researched. A lot. I learned about how other people wrote books, and how they thought books should be written, and probably more importantly how they should not be written. I learned about genres and tense and pov and this and that and wow. There is a lot involved with writing a novel.

Should I plot it all out, or just start? That was a big decision. I started off with making a bunch of lists and notes.  Because of my short term memory issues I found I had a hard time remembering pretty simple things so my character list was pretty fleshed out, names, occupation, appearance and a few other tidbits to keep me on track.

But I discovered I am not a plotter.  I wrote a few key points and than tried to do a whole outline. That hung me up for a few weeks before I finally said whatever…I’m doing this my way and sat down to write.

And never looked back. lol I’m a pantser all the way. 😀

Once I started my first draft I discovered a few things about myself. I am a terribly typist, honestly. Completely awful. I already kind of knew that, but seriously it’s a bit ridiculous. One thing I did, and will still do occasionally is replace the  apostrophe with a quotation mark and let me tell you. That looks really stupid. Thanks fingers.

It took two years to finish my first draft, affectionately known as my brain vomit. Or, if I am feeling protective, I may refer to it as my brain baby. Since I never looked back once I started, and I mean that so literally. I started writing and didn’t read what I’d written until I was finished with it. lol Anyhow, once I was finished I was pretty impressed that it was a fairly cohesive manuscript. That desperately needed editing. I will be forever grateful to my Alpha reader for slogging through it.

And then started the journey towards becoming a published writer. Learning how to write a query  letter (fun) and now learning how to write a synopsis. (sucktastic)

From what I’ve learned, and believe me I have learned a lot, it is terribly hard to sell your first novel. It may never happen. But I promise you one thing, it won’t be because I sucked at trying. 😀



I’d planned on finishing my “who am I” from a few weeks ago today, but that is going to have to wait because I am feeling drawn, no…compelled to write about a particular problem I have seen one too many times.


And why they kinda, sometimes, seriously, suck.

As you know, or should know, have you been paying attention? lol I have been working on my horrible, no good, very bad synopsis. It’s crazy hard trying to condense a 90.000+ manuscript into 1000ish words. CRAZY HARD. It has not been my favorite thing. I’ve whittled my monster down to 1200ish words, and while I think it has a lot of potential, I know I need fresh eyes on it to get it all beautified so an agent will find it irresistible.

Well, I posted that in a writers group I recently joined. I said basically the same thing. That I needed help with my synopsis, any tips or advice on how to get fresh eyes on it was welcomed. What I got (amongst the welcoming but sadly not helpful comments) was one chick commenting, was she the only person that writes the book before looking for an agent. About 6 people chimed in on her comment with versions of the same question.  To this I said, Huh? or more accurately, I said, “why would anyone assume I hadn’t finished my novel? Then she told me not to get offended because she was talking about other people in the group. In a direct comment on my post, but ooookkkkk.

Two others kindly gave me links on how to write a query letter. (did they even read??) It’s worth noting here that one of those was the chick that commented about finishing the novel before finding an agent. Mmm Hmm

Still one more, (after I clarified for everyone that book was done, query letter also done, just needing help to polish synopsis) asked me if I was looking for beta readers for my query letter! I asked her if she was making a joke, but no, she was seriously asking. I said no, thank you I am not looking for beta readers, I just need help with my synopsis.

What followed was your basic troll fest as people became incredibly offended, as I tried to explain what I was looking for. I finally gave up and left the group after the woman I though was joking told me “Dude, you’re asking for beta readers.” Then she called me rude when I responded with, “Dude, wrong, I am looking for help critiquing my synopsis.”

I gave up. It was clearly not the group for me.

It’s sad too, some of the people were quite nice. One offered cheesecake.

This is the second time I’ve left a writers group, last time was for similar reasons. Maybe it’s me?