Who am I, anyway? Continued…

It’s taken me longer than I thought it would to finish this post. But that is ok, to be honest it is very typical for how I work these days. Lots of times I simply do not feel well enough to get a lot of things done in a timely manner. So we left off with when I first started seriously thinking about writing a novel.

I’d had an idea in my head, for approximately forever, of the story I wanted to write. But, I literally had no idea of how to write a book. So, being me, I researched. A lot. I learned about how other people wrote books, and how they thought books should be written, and probably more importantly how they should not be written. I learned about genres and tense and pov and this and that and wow. There is a lot involved with writing a novel.

Should I plot it all out, or just start? That was a big decision. I started off with making a bunch of lists and notes.  Because of my short term memory issues I found I had a hard time remembering pretty simple things so my character list was pretty fleshed out, names, occupation, appearance and a few other tidbits to keep me on track.

But I discovered I am not a plotter.  I wrote a few key points and than tried to do a whole outline. That hung me up for a few weeks before I finally said whatever…I’m doing this my way and sat down to write.

And never looked back. lol I’m a pantser all the way. 😀

Once I started my first draft I discovered a few things about myself. I am a terribly typist, honestly. Completely awful. I already kind of knew that, but seriously it’s a bit ridiculous. One thing I did, and will still do occasionally is replace the  apostrophe with a quotation mark and let me tell you. That looks really stupid. Thanks fingers.

It took two years to finish my first draft, affectionately known as my brain vomit. Or, if I am feeling protective, I may refer to it as my brain baby. Since I never looked back once I started, and I mean that so literally. I started writing and didn’t read what I’d written until I was finished with it. lol Anyhow, once I was finished I was pretty impressed that it was a fairly cohesive manuscript. That desperately needed editing. I will be forever grateful to my Alpha reader for slogging through it.

And then started the journey towards becoming a published writer. Learning how to write a query  letter (fun) and now learning how to write a synopsis. (sucktastic)

From what I’ve learned, and believe me I have learned a lot, it is terribly hard to sell your first novel. It may never happen. But I promise you one thing, it won’t be because I sucked at trying. 😀




2 thoughts on “Who am I, anyway? Continued…”

  1. I hope you aren’t completely against self publishing. I think it is the new way to get attention for your future works, instead of old school publishing in magazines and anthologies, provided you supply a clean and decently edited book. Spread your name and hopefully gain a little income.

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