Well then. Stupid, tyrannical synopsis.

My nemesis, that thing that has baffled me for months now, is almost finished. I researched my little heart out and I have read approximately 5 gazillion successful synopsi. Synopsi? Either that’s the plural of synopsis or I just made it up. whichever, I like it.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. I squeezed every last bit of extra out of it, then I had to reinsert some because I left it dry and practically unreadable. It has some emotion to it now. I’ll probably tweek it a bit here and there before I pronounce it ready.

I’ve tried having people read and critique the synopsis. But I have realized that is a fairly impossible expectation. How can they now if it has all the relevant info, and nothing superfluous if they haven’t read the book? So, I am going to have to go with my gut on this one and aim for the fences. I don’t know how many swings I’m going to have to take before I get a hit. But that is ok. I’m patient. Next on my list is spiffing up the first 10 chapters. That won’t take long though. With any luck, (ahem, discipline) I should have my first round of queries to send out by the end of the month!

I have a list of agents,

Some need query+synopsis

Others need query+synopsis+first 3-10 chapters.

I am excited to really start querying!

On a different note, I had two more injections in my spine today, these are regular maintenance for my back. I am proud that I am being responsible about this and getting them done in a timely manner. Instead of putting it off so long that I have to get even more. I had two done, two weeks ago, and now these today. With any luck I’ll be good to go and my back will be manageable, or dare I hope….comfortable? At least for a while. 😀 I am playing softball again this summer, so my back has to at least be manageable and up for some running. I played last summer, for the first time in years, and sucked pretty badly because I was so sick. I feel a lot better this year and I am starting PT soon so hopefully…just hopefully there will be less suckage.

So heres to successful querying and a fun softball season!





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