Not gonna lie, I’ve been a bit of a slacker the last few weeks. My brain took a much needed,  but frankly unwanted, vacation from the world of synopsis writing. But now it is time to get back to it. I feel like my synopsis is as good as it is going to be, at least until I get some responses from agents asking me what I am trying to do, and hopefully pointing out my errors. 😀

I love this picture by The Oatmeal. It pretty much encapsulates my last three weeks.


So, over the next week I am going to tidy up my first 10 chapters, practice formatting and then, start sending out the queries. I need to focus on my agent list, it tells me clearly which agent wants what, so that will help me send out everything I need to in a timely manner. As long as I FOCUS. Ugh. I have been having a tough time with that recently. My brain is everywhere, except where it needs to be.

My health issues are mostly to blame for the lack of focus, and I usually am pretty good at riding it out. But it can be very frustrating, especially when there are things I really want to get done. Like my queries! I have learned though, that it is better to wait, because I make stupid mistakes if I try to rush it. It’s difficult to accept sometimes, but I am learning.

So I am starting to feel better, my brain is getting less foggy. Now, I have my goal of prepping my queries+synopsis+chapters for sending by next weekend. 😀



4 thoughts on “#slacker”

  1. I have had a slacker day today, only now at about 11pm doing anything resembling work on the writing side of my life. I can only amplify my sense of “blah” to compare with yours. I certainly wish you luck and hope you feel as well as possible very soon.

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