Trying new things

I am long overdue for a blog post. I’ve been taking turns between being very busy, not feeling well, being unmotivated and back to busy again. Amongst all that excitement I wrote an article for a mommy page that I follow on facebook. It’s an emotional piece about watching my daughter grow up, I don’t think it’s a perfect fit for the mommy page, but it was something new to try and if they don’t like it I will send it to some other online magazines. I have ideas percolating for pieces for some other online magazines too, it could be a fun experiment.

In other news, I have sent 15 queries out this month! I am really enjoying this part of the process. Finding agents that are interested in what I’ve written, researching them, tailoring each query letter to each person. There is a lot more to this than I’d ever imagined. I have a serious appreciation for the agents that take the time to send a rejection. Whether it may have a bit of a personal touch, or is a form rejection. It is so much nicer than not getting one. I’ve already surpassed my goal of sending 10 queries out this month. That is very good because next month is busy and I am not sure how much time I will have, or how I am going to feel.

Meanwhile, I am planning to start book 2 of the Secret series. I feel that I can not “pants” this one like I did the first one. I have to be careful to get certain pieces in the right places. Which means I need to make some sort of outline. So I’m going to work on that. It’ll be a whole new adventure. ┬áTentative start date will be in August. So you know, probably some time in September. ­čśÇ