Research is fun.

I am prepping for book 2. That means I am reading a lot of stuff on survivalists and preppers in cities. There is quite a lot of difference in prepping for living off grid versus living in a city. Researching is probably one of my favorite things about writing. It’s so fun learning the different ways to do things and what we’d need. Plus of course how many people could and would survive if they weren’t prepped. That is the biggest thing right now. Deciding how people who weren’t preppers could have survived. Maybe they just got lucky and were in the right places when it all went down. Maybe they knew it was going to happen.


True story. 😀

Here are a few websites I particularly enjoy.Even though I do tend to get absorbed into reading things that have nothing to do with what I am writing. It’s all so interesting!

I’ve learned so much and am halfway towards bugging out. 😉 Seems like a good plan these days.

When I started The Secret Colony I knew next to nothing about Preppers and Survivalists. Now I am pretty sure I could be one.